28 April 2016

Polyeco International & Lamor Merge Global Service Operations

Polyeco International & Lamor Merge Global Service Operations into Polyeco Group, a Fully Integrated Environmental Services Company

Polyeco International and Lamor Corporation will merge their global service divisions into Polyeco Group to form the largest world-wide environmental service provider.  Polyeco Group will offer a full spectrum of services including emergency response, training, recovery, remediation and waste management services across five continents with 20 operating entities.

The world-wide network Lamor has built over the last 30 years will provide the foundation to implement regional response networks that utilize in-country resources in conjunction with international support capabilities. Polyeco brings 40 years of experience in operating worldwide in some of the most difficult locations. By combining both Lamor’s and Polyeco’s capabilities the group will be able to offer a wide range of waste management and emergency response services backed by unparalleled expertise and experience.

David Nazha, CEO of Polyeco Group, said, “The creation of Polyeco Group is a response to the changing landscape of our industry and is born out of recognition that service providers need to invest in enhanced services to offer cost-effective and streamlined solutions to our clients worldwide.  The fusion of comprehensive waste management services, oil spill response, HNS and hazmat services with facilities, assets and personnel across the Middle East, Far East, North and South America and Europe, with a flexible approach to providing solutions to our clients’ requirements will make Polyeco Group the largest full-coverage emergency response and waste services provider.”

Fred Larsen, CEO & President of Lamor Corporation, added, “Key Lamor personnel will join Polyeco Group to provide expertise and support global service businesses.  Lamor will continue to develop cutting-edge oil spill response equipment and response solutions in-line with our long-term growth strategy.

Athanasios Polychronopoulos, the Executive Chairman of Polyeco Group, commented, “We at Polyeco have worked tirelessly, since the inception of the company nearly 40 years ago, to continually invest and adapt to market demands.  This merger signifies another phase in our long history and shows our continued development and commitment to providing a large range of waste management and environmental solutions customized to our global clientele.  At our core, we remain a family-owned company as is Lamor.  Both businesses uphold principles and standards based on quality work and decades of experience maintaining a flexible approach to customer-driven solutions.  Lamor has established a trusted and widespread network of quality services and this addition to the Polyeco Group family will result in a synergistic alliance new to the industry.”


For further information, please contact:
Polyeco Group
Loraini Alimantiri, tel. +30 6948500531, l.alimantiri@polyecogroup.com


Company Profiles:

Polyeco Group International, based out of Dubai, was established to coordinate a network of international companies.  Since 1977, core companies of Polyeco Group have provided a complete range of environmental and emergency response services for oil and chemical spills responding to a variety of needs related to onshore and offshore facilities, oil terminals, production platforms, refineries, shipyards, oil recovery plants, power stations, chemical industries, ports, harbors and marinas.  Polyeco Group services include oil and chemical spill response, hazardous waste management, soil and water remediation, protection and preparedness for ports and installations, management of distressed cargo, design and production of marine equipment and tank cleaning among other environmental solutions.

Lamor (Larsen Marine Oil Recovery) Corporation, established in 1982, provides solutions for optimal oil spill prevention, response, recovery, and remediation.  Over the past three decades, Lamor has developed, manufactured, and supplied the most efficient and effective oil spill response technology worldwide.  Lamor focuses on supplying the highest quality of innovative prevention and recovery equipment and providing services for contingency planning, risk assessments, equipment maintenance and servicing, response training, and oil spill response support.  Lamor has vast global network, delivering equipment and responding to emergency spills in over 106 countries. Lamor provides international services through a large network of subsidiaries and hubs that include locations in China, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Oman, Peru, Russia, Turkey, and the UK.


Polyeco is the first and only integrated and fully licensed waste management and valorization industry in Greece. Polyeco is one of the most prominent waste management companies in SE Europe and beyond with services in Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Lebanon, Mauritius, Mongolia, Jordan, Kazakhstan and Ethiopia. Polyeco effectively implements some of the most technically challenging and time-critical waste management projects of any size across the globe in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations.

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