Beach Sealing Boom

The Beach Sealing Oil Boom is an air and water-filled containment boom that is easy to use and store. It is ideal for sealing land water interface in shallow waters, calm rivers or inter-tidal waters.

The Lamor BSB consists of two levels of chambers; the upper air-filled chamber keeps the boom floating when in water and the two bottom water filled chambers provide ballast and seal the beach from oil. The air chamber is equipped with 1 inch Monsun filling valves in each end of the chamber while the water ballast chambers are equipped with 2 inch Monsun water filling valves in each end.

The BSB is manufactured from highly visible orange polyurethane coated high tenacity polyamide fabric giving it excellent durability and flexibility. The BSB is supplied with ASTM Z connectors made in accordance with the ASTM F962 as standard.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 210470
Height 550 mm 26 in
Section length 10 m 33 ft ft
Freeboard 260 mm 10.2 in
Draft 290 mm 11.4 in
Weight 3.1 kg/m 7.7 lbs/ft
Coating / Base fabric PVC/PU, 1100 dtex polyester
Fabric weight 1000 g/m² 30 oz/yd²
Tensile strength 4000 N/5cm 913 lbf/2 in
End connector ASTM Z, F962 as standard

Features and Benefits

  • For use in shoreline protection in shallow waters, calm rivers and inter-tidal waters
  • Splash flaps at top end
  • High visibility color
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Conforms to international tensile and tear strength standards

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