Industrial Applications

Lamor has designed innovative oil recovery and containment equipment to address industrial processes where oil may encounter water becoming a debilitating factor to the system and where protective containment barriers may be necessary. Removing detrimental oil is essential in retaining unadulterated performance especially in systems where the process and regulations require clean water. The removal and/or containment of contaminants can reduce costs dramatically and effectively reduce the need to replace expensive components. Floating baffles and booms are designed and installed to control and/or direct the flow of water in a lagoon, settling basin or other body of quiescent water. Custom and durable systems are available for all scenarios.

Baffles and Boom Barriers

Lamor Floating Baffle Systems and Permanent Fence Boom Systems, which are built to customer specifications, are ideal for use in wastewater lagoons and industrial reservoirs. The Baffle series can be used to divide the basin into cells to provide progressive treatment of water and waste by creating a serpentine flow pattern. By increasing the retention time within an individual cell, the baffle systems allow solids and other contaminants to settle to the bottom of the lagoon, reservoir or tank for later removal, before the water leaves through the effluent.

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Water Cleaning

A problem common to many plants and factories is water reservoirs or holding areas that become contaminated by thin sheens of oil. To resolve that problem, the Lamor Air Unit is a reliable system with only one moving part that concentrates the oil in to a thick layer. Using a flow propeller together with an air knife that guides and locks the oil into a hopper, the system increases the thickness of the oil layer over time. Removal of this thicker layer of oil is significantly easier and more cost-effective because with minimal water content, the volume of removed product that is transported to a treatment facility is reduced.

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Polymer Water Cleaning

The industrial use of lubricants, hydraulics or heavy machinery increases the risk for contamination; it is inevitable that small amounts of contaminants will end up in the cooling water even in normal day-to-day operations. Additionally, occasional system failure may cause oil leaks creating the need for quick response and an emergency removal system to avoid unnecessary and expensive shutdowns or high fines for pollutants in the discharge. The Lamor Polymer Unit, which utilizes a polymer that is released in to the contaminated water, is designed to refloat substances that are mixed in the water column for ease of removal.

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