24 November 2015

Lamor Peru Granted Oil Spill Response Operator License

Lamor Peru has obtained a full operations license as an Oil Spill Response Operator in all Peruvian waters. The operations license, granted by the Peruvian Coast Guard on October 16, 2015, allows Lamor Peru to provide service in all waters where spills may occur including ports, terminals, refineries and offshore platforms.

“This is a prime example of the intense labor and dedication Lamor promises in order to provide the best local and international services. The ability to deliver worldwide support, while focusing on local operations is fundamental to the commitment we have to our customers and the earth,” says Erick Monge, Lamor’s Sales Manager, Latin America.

“A lot of work, time and energy was dedicated to achieve this license. We were able to demonstrate not only our global capabilities, but also our local capacities in South America, particularly Peru. This is the first time a company has received an operations license for all maritime areas of the country and we are extremely proud of this challenging accomplishment,” Monge concludes.

Erick Monge

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