11 January 2015

Lamor Seahunter

Lamor and Nordic Seahunter have entered a worldwide exclusive relationship for sales and customization of the modular work platforms for shoreline and harbor operations. The Lamor Seahunter is a unique and robust platform that has been fully tested in various weather and environmental conditions in Norway. The platform is powered by an outboard engine.

“We are very proud to have become a partner with Lamor, thus creating the Lamor Seahunter. We feel that the exclusive worldwide agreement is an exceptional opportunity for the Nordic Seahunter concept with a globally recognized oils spill recovery and response company like Lamor,” says Rune Rørstad, Department Manager, Nordic Seahunter, Bodø Industri AS.

“This agreement and product line is a perfect niche fit for our product portfolio. The synergies between both companies are unique and the new Lamor Seahunter is a working platform with flexible configurations and easily transported, something I believe our customers will truly benefit from in the various oil spill clean-up operations. The Lamor Seahunter is a very carefully designed concept that will exceed customer expectations,” says Lamor’s Product Group Manager Krister Rask.

“Each hull is rotomolded thermo plastic (PE) which ensures a durable and conform surface. The hulls are catamaran shaped which gives the most stable work platform for these kinds of operations.  Moreover, two or more hulls may be connected, side by side, or in length to perform an even longer and wider platform,” says Rørstad.

Each hull can carry 1500 kg (3300 lbs) which is more than three times its own weight. “The Lamor Seahunter hulls may be stored in stock, and are easily transported on trailers, trucks, containers, helicopters etc.,” concludes Rask.

More information on the Lamor Seahunter

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