Auto Boom PU

The offshore Auto Boom PU is a flexible and durable single-point air inflated boom making it suitable for rapid emergency oil containment operations in rivers, lakes and other calm waters.

The LAB is manufactured in high visibility red PU coated woven dtex 1100 polyester fabric. The boom has 3.7 m (12 ft) long welded air chambers. Each Individual buoyancy chamber is isolated. In the event that one air chamber becomes deflated, the adjacent chambers will not be affected and will remain inflated. A layer of closed cell foam provides additional floatation for positive reserve buoyancy in each chamber. Air-inflation is done from the outer end of the boom through a 2″ Camlock. In addition, each air chamber is fitted with Monsun XG 1 air valves.

The ballast chain is a hot dip galvanized steel chain that gives strength, correct and stable deployment in sweeping operations and provides excellent sea keeping properties. The ballast chain is incorporated in the base of the skirt. The boom sections are supplied with ASTM Z connectors made in accordance with the F962 standard.

The Auto Boom 610 can be deployed at 30 m/min (100 ft/min). It is a safe and easy to retrieve boom that easily deflates onto a storage reel.

For detailed product information please find PDF-copies of product specification sheets under the Downloadables-section.

Technical Specifications

Height 550-1820 mm 22-60 in
Section length 30 m 100 ft
Freeboard 200-610 mm 8-24 in
Draft 350-910 mm 14-36 in
Weight 3.3-7.3 kg/m 2.2-4.9 lbs/ft
Ballast chain DIN 763 10 / 13 mm 3/8 / 1/2 in
Coating / fabric Poly-Urethane Coated Polyester
Fabric weight 980 g/m² 29 oz/yd²
Tensile strength 5450 N/5cm 1240 lbf/2 in
End connector ASTM Z, F962 as standard

Features and Benefits

  • For use in emergency operations in nearshore and offshore
  • Single-point air inflation for simple and rapid deployment
  • Unique design prevents complete boom failure despite single air chamber puncture
  • Positive buoyancy built into the boom providing float prior to air inflation
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance

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