Brush Adapter 1300

The Brush Apapter 1300 (LBA 1300) is a brush-type oil recovery module designed to fit quickly and easily onto the hopper of a Weir 1300 skimmer. The device improves the overall recovery efficiency, i.e. reduces free water intake in recovered oil and improves the performance in very high viscosity oils.

The LBA 1300 has three banks of brush wheels, which rotate downward into the oil layer creating a strong inflow. The certified ASTM recovery capacity of the LBA 1300 is 720 m³/h (3170 gal/min). The brush adapter can recover multiple oil types and viscosities.

The LBA 1300 brush banks are mounted on a sturdy aluminum frame with a center-lifting eye. The brushes are driven by two hydraulic motors, which are powered by a single hydraulic circuit. The design of the brush adapter is quickly modified to fit multiple weir skimmer types and variations.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 219840
Length 2050 mm 81 in
Width 1800 mm 71 in
Height 570 mm 22 in
Weight 220 kg 485 lbs
Certified Capacity 3 x 74 m³/h 3 x 326 gpm
Free water collected <5%

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible and high capacity brush adapter
  • Low free water content thanks to brush technology. Less than 10 % water content in recovered oil.
  • Accreditation from Bureau Veritas confirming their recovery capacities with oils of varying viscosities.

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