Hydraulic Air Blower HAB 200

The Hydraulic Air Blower HAB 200 is a portable hydraulically operated air blower suitable for inflating light and heavy inflatable oil containment booms.

The main components of the HAB 200 are: centrifugal air fan, hydraulic motor with quick release hydraulic connectors, light aluminum frame, air hoses with Camlocks (1 x 3 in 10 m + 2 x 2 in 5 m), Y-junction (Camlock 2/3/2 in) and filling nozzle. The air blower has a protection grid at the inlet.

The Lamor HAB 200 has a set discharge pressure to protect the boom during inflation. For deflation of the oil boom, the HAB 200 can easily be configured to become an air suction.

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Product Technical Specification

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Technical Specifications

Item ID 226023
Length 550 mm 22 in
Width 410 mm 16 in
Height 600 mm 24 in
Weight 40 kg 88 lbs
Air flow 400 m³/h 1760 gpm
Air pressure 0.1 bar 1.5 psi
Hydraulic flow 25-40 l/min 6-10 gpm
Hydraulic pressure 150 bar 2175 psi
Power 6-10 kW 8-13 hp

Features and Benefits

  • Portable air blower
  • Powerful blower and suction
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Suitable for most oil booms
  • Dual operations (2 hoses)

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