Hydraulic Power Pack 14

The Hydraulic Power Pack LPP 14 is used as a power source for skimmers and other smaller hydraulically operated equipment such as boom reels, air blowers etc. The power pack is a lightweight, easily portable power solution for hydraulic equipment that can be operated in remote locations. The main components of the LPP 14 are: air-cooled diesel engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic power outlet connectors, hydraulic oil tank with hydraulic return filter, fuel tank, operation valve, battery, and frame.

For easy operation, an electric start is standard with a manual start as back up. The LPP 14 is equipped with two hydraulic circuits and a 14 kW (18.7 hp), air-cooled single cylinder diesel engine mounted in a mobile frame with wheels manufactured in tough tubular steel.

The LPP 14 is supplied with high quality TEMA connectors as standard:
Valve 1: 3/8″ TEMA 3811/3821, 10 l/min (2.6 gpm)
Valve 2: TEMA 5011/5021, 25 l/min (6.6 gpm)

Technical Specifications

Item ID 213492
Length 1200 mm 47 in
Width 860 mm 34 in
Height 830 mm 33 in
Weight 195 kg 430 lbs
Hydraulic flow 45 l/min 12 gpm
Hydraulic pressure 180 bar 2610 psi
Power 14 kW 18.7 hp

Features and Benefits

  • Light-weight and portable with wheels
  • Multipurpose power source
  • Electric start as standard
  • Four point lifting rings as standard
  • TEMA-connectors as standard
  • Air-cooled single cylinder diesel engine
  • Robust steel frame

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