Hydraulic Power Pack 3.5

The Lamor Power Pack LPP 3,5 HA is developed as a portable power source for small Lamor Skimmers and auxiliary equipment. The Power Pack is light enough to be quickly moved by two men between locations and compact in size to fit e.g. in fire brigade trucks. The LPP 3,5 HA is equipped with a single cylinder Hatz 1B20 air-cooled 3,5 kW four stroke diesel engine mounted in a mobile frame manufactured in aluminum. The power pack is equipped with four foldable handles and four lifting eyes on the top of the frame.

The LPP 3,5 HA comprises 1 hydraulic circuit supplied by a 2,05 cm³ (7.2 ft3) hydraulic gear pump and is capable of producing a working pressure of 120 bar (1740 psi) @ 2600 RPM and a maximum hydraulic oil flow rate of 6 ltr/min (1.6 gpm). The LPP 3,5 HA equipped with a hand start represents a lightweight, easily portable power solution for hydraulic equipment that is to be operated in remote locations.

The Lamor LPP 3,5 HA comes supplied with high quality hydraulic TEMA T-series quick connectors (Stainless TEMA, Aeroquip or other connectors as options).

Standard connectors:
Valve 1: TEMA 2510/2520

Technical Specifications

Item ID 606406
Length 680 mm 26.8 in
Length w/ handles out 1460 mm 57.5 in
Width 400 mm 15.7 in
Height 550 mm 21.7 in
Weight 57.5 kg 127 lbs
Hydraulic circuits 1 pcs
Hydraulic flow 6 l/min 1.6 gpm
Hydraulic pressure 120 bar 1740 psi
Power 3.5 kW 4.7 hp
Hydraulic oil tank 2.2 l 0.6 gal
Fuel tank 3 l 0.8 gal

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