Hydraulic Power Pack 56

The Hydraulic Power Pack LPP 56 is used as a power source for skimmers and other hydraulically operated equipment such as pumps, boom reels etc. It can e.g. be connected to a Lamor Control panel to control flexible and simultaneous operation of several oil spill clean-up units and e.g. cranes.

The LPP 56 utilizes a proportional hydraulic valve system enabling easy adjustment of the flow of oil to the supplied components. The system is load sensing ensuring a constant flow while the pressure varies according to consumption. The LPP 56  is equipped with an automatic shut-down system and it will shut down e.g. due to no electric charge, low oil pressure, high oil temperature, low hydraulic oil level or high hydraulic oil temperature.

The LPP 56 is equipped with four point lifting rings and forklift channels making it easy to handle on land or offshore. It is contained within a robust steel frame designed for protection and to ensure good air circulation for the water-cooled diesel engine.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 398527
Length 1500 mm 59 in
Width 1000 mm 39 in
Height 1310 mm 52 in
Weight 975 kg 2150 lbs
Hydraulic flow 165 l/min 43 gpm
Hydraulic pressure 210 bar 3045 psi
Power 55.4 kW 74 hp

Features and Benefits

  • Contained robust steel frame
  • Electric start
  • Four point lifting rings
  • Forklift channels
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Three hydraulic circuits as standard, multiple usage
  • Durable and high quality components
  • Load sensing for constant flow
  • User friendly

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