Landing Craft 6500 Open

The LC 6500 is a robust landing craft made of high grade marine aluminum with a 1.1 m (43.3 in) wide bow ramp. The landing craft is designed and tested for excellent and effortless sea handling and maneuverability in rough seas.

The V-shaped hull, keel and stringers give stability and protection when landing on rocky shores. The hull is divided into three watertight compartments equipped with separate bilge pumps. Moreover, the LC 6500 has a protective rubber D80 fender. The landing craft has a high cargo capacity of 1100 kg (2425 lbs) that includes crew.

The hull is made of 5 mm (0.2 in) seawater resistant aluminum and welded in accordance with all workboat regulation standards. The flat flush self-draining deck has anti-skid aluminum plates. The storage compartments below deck are accessible through water tight hatches. The landing craft is equipped with four mooring bollards with a heavy duty towing post in the stern and four lifting points.

Three different versions are available, pending engine selection; outboard, twin outboard or sterndrive.
The LC 6500 landing craft is built in accordance with the Finnish Maritime Association (FMA) workboats regulations, EU directives and ISO standards.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 228340/384478/226488
Length 6500 mm 21.3 ft
Width 2360 mm 7.7 ft
Weight 1300 kg 2866 lbs
Draft 350 mm 1.15 ft
Carrying capacity 1100 kg 2425 lbs


Engine options:
Outboard: 85-150 hp, Speed 21-35 kn
Twin Outboard: 2 x 80 hp, Speed 32 kn
Sterndrive: 130-200 hp, Speed 26-35 kn

Features and Benefits

  • Robust with V-shaped hull
  • Bow ramp
  • Open deck layout
  • Bipolar 12VDC electrical system
  • Low maintenance aluminum
  • Excellent sea handling
  • Front padeye attachment point for easy loading and securing

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