LSC MaxiBagger

MaxiBagger is a cost-effective solution for organizations that wish to enhance their Oil Spill Response capabilities by utilizing their existing vessel fleets.

MaxiBagger is the bigger of the two detachable side oil collectors.

MaxiBagger enables the conversion of practically any vessel into an oil spill response vessel at reasonable cost without major investments in machinery or equipment.

Utilizing the Lamor’s patented brush-comb solution, MaxiBagger collects both heavy and light oils extremely efficiently. The robust floating sweeping arm made of aluminium ensures good functionality on rough seas.

High-quality brushes tolerate heavy use in extreme temperatures from -50 °C to +160 °C. The bristles are easy to maintain and can be cleaned fast and easily with hot steam at up to +160 °C.

MaxiBagger is stored on land. When required for oil spill response operations, it is easy and fast to mount on a

Mounted on a small vessel, MaxiBagger is ideal for oil spill response operations in ports, marinas, rivers and
other narrow channels. Larger vessels equipped with MaxiBagger can also operate on lakes and coastal areas. MaxiBagger can be operated by a separate power unit or the vessel’s main engine. Thanks to its oil collection capacity, MaxiBagger can handle even large oils spills. The patented brush-comb solution minimises the amount of water in the collected oil. The SmartSacker sacking system makes fixed oil collection containers unnecessary. Oil is collected into bags that can be stored on the vessel or thrown into water for collection thus providing a longer oil collection time.

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Product Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

The specification in the table below is for a single side system.

Star board Port side
Product ID 651308 400764
Length 1800 mm 71 in
Width 1450 mm 57 in
Height 3300 mm 130 in
Weight 90-145 kg 200-320 lbs
Draft Adjustable
Light Oil Capacity 25 m3/h 111 gpm
Heavy Oil Capacity 38 m3/h 166 gpm
Hydraulic Flow 15 l/min 4 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure 130 bar 1890 psi
Power 3.3 kW 4.4 hp

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