The MicroMax Floating Skimmer, which uses the proven Lamor brush skimmer technology, consists of a frame with two floats.

The MicroMax Skimmer is designed to separate oil from water and especially remove oil from tanks or pits. The recovered oil is lead into a hopper behind the brush wheel, and from where the oil is sucked using a separate suction pump. The MicroMax is manufactured from aluminum and weighs only 11 kg (24 lbs). The skimmer can be lowered to skimming position through a manhole of approx. 550 mm diameter.

The skimmer is entirely hydraulically operated and its power requirement is low. The unit is designed to be connected to a suction pump or vacuum system. Our preferred solution is the Lamor LPP 6 HA C75 hydraulic power pack with a built- in Spate 75 pump.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 589486
Length 700 mm 27.5 in
Width 550 mm 21.6 in
Height 300 mm 11.8 in
Weight 11 kg 24 lbs
Capacity 10 m³/h* 45 gpm*
Hydraulic flow 1-3 l/min** 0.3-0.8 gpm**
Hydraulic pressure 60-100 bar 870-1450 psi
Power 0.5 kW 0.7 hp

Features and Benefits

  • Portable and light weight
  • User friendly
  • Removable floats
  • Recovery of light to heavy viscous oils
  • Low free water content, <5%

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