Mini Bow Collector

The Mini Bow Collector is an advancing skimmer system to collect efficiently heavy oil types.

The Mini Bow Collector is mounted on the bow of the workboat. Due to its modularity, the size of brush cassette can be easily customized according any vessel type.

The Mini Bow Collector is made of durable marine aluminum. The high-quality brushes withstand heavy use and cleaning in extreme temperatures from -50 °C to +160 °C.

The replacement of a damaged brush component is fast and easy.

The Mini Bow Collector is operated by a Lamor Powerpack power unit equipped with an oil transfer pump (Lpp7 with C75).

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Product Technical Specification

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Technical Specifications

Length 1500-3600 mm 59-142 in
Width 500-2450 mm 20-96 in
Height 400-1720 mm 16-68 in
Weight 255-600 kg 562-1320 lbs
Draft Adjustable
Heavy Oil Capacity 40-200 m3/h 176-880 gpm
Hydraulic Flow 15 l/min 4 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure 160 bar 2320 psi
Power 4 kW 5.4 hp


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