Mk 7 Floating Baffle System

The Mk 7 Floating Baffle System is ideal for use in wastewater lagoons and industrial reservoirs in all climatic conditions. The Mk 7 baffle can be used to divide the basin into cells to provide e.g. progressive treatment of water and waste by creating a serpentine flow pattern. By increasing the retention time, the baffle systems allows solids and other contaminants to settle to the bottom of the lagoon, reservoir or tank, before the water leaves through the effluent.

The Mk 7 baffle is constructed of heavy duty geomembrane material that is highly resistant to chemicals found in waste and industrial water applications. The Mk 7 fabric is woven polyester coated with X3-5. It has solid molded closed cell polyethylene foam flotations with a stainless steel mounting, elastomeric coated top tension and a bottom skirt galvanized chain or steel bars. All anchoring and connector hardware is included.

The durable construction has marine growth inhibitors and is UV resistant. The baffle is low maintenance and can withstand the impacts of freezing temperatures, strong winds and currents.

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Product Technical Specification

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Technical Specifications

Item ID 190200
Length 15-30 m 50-100 ft
Height 1-10 m 3-30 ft
Freeboard 203 mm 8 in
Fabric weight 1016 g/m² 30 oz/yd²

Features and Benefits

  • Wastewater and industrial applications
  • All climatic conditions, withstands freezing in ice
  • Durable construction, ideal for permanent installations
  • Marine growth inhibitors, UV resistant
  • Withstands winds, currents from aerators
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance

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