Multi Skimmer 115/140

The Lamor Multi Skimmer LMS 115/140 is a flexible high capacity free-floating skimmer, which is designed with interchangeable brush, disc, and drum modules in a triangular configuration, suitable for a variety of different oil spill recovery scenarios. The LMS 115/140 is designed to recover oil from harbours and nearshore but also offshore. With all its option, the LMS 115/140 provides the user with several skimming options ranging from brush, disc and drum.

The LMS 115/140 consists of four main components, aluminum weir and brush frame, fiberglass floats and 3 brush banks. Brush bank can be changed to disc or drum. For use in arctic areas, the skimmer unit can be equipped with heating coil.

The skimmer utilizes the Lamor brush wheel technology, which combines high oil recovery capacity with low free water pick-up rate. The skimmer is entirely hydraulically operated and its power requirement is low. The unit is intended to be used with a Lamor GTA 115 or 140 pump.

Each brush wheel has a certified skimming capacity of 90.5 m³/h (398 gal/min) according to ASTM 631-99 standard, certified by Bureau Veritas. The brush modules gain the highest recovery capacity of all oils, and the disc and drum modules are effective for recovery of light to medium oils.

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Technical Specifications

Item ID 215745
Length 1565 mm 62 in
Width 1645 mm 65 in
Height 1384 mm 54 in
Weight 160 kg* 353 lbs*
Draft 900 mm 35 in
Capacity 271.5 m³/h** 1195 gpm**
Free water collected <5%
Hydraulic flow (skimmer) 10 l/min*** 2.6 gpm***
Hydraulic pressure 150 bar 2175 psi
Power 2.5 kW 3.3 hp


* Excluding pump. As reference, GTA 140 pump weight is 71 kg (157 lbs)
** Capacity related to pump selection. 115m³/h with GTA 115 and 140m³/h with GTA 140 pump
*** Excluding pump. As reference, GTA 140 pump hydraulic flow requirement is 160 l/min (42 gpm)

Features and Benefits

  • Rapidly deployed as it is easy to connect
  • Quick assembly/disassembly for cleaning/maintenance, no tools required
  • Modular skimmer (brush, disc, drum)

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