Multimax 50

The Multimax LAM 50 is a brush chain-type free-floating oil skimmer designed to recover oil in fast flowing rivers, oil ponds, harbors or as an advancing side sweep skimmer. The skimmer can be used in all terrains and environments, including Arctic conditions.

The one 3-row oleophilic V-brush chain bank separates the oil from the water effectively and lifts it to the specially designed brush cleaner from where the oil is directed to the oil transfer pump. The skimmer has a special flow design to improve oil recovery in stationary conditions. The double rotation direction capability enhances the recovery of light to heavy viscous oils.

The skimmer has robust detachable aluminum floats, aluminum frame and single lifting point making it easy to lift, operate, clean and store. The LAM 50 skimmer with its standard heated scraper and hopper makes it an effective skimming unit in Arctic conditions, which has been tested at Ohmsett testing facilities. The skimmer has been deployed effectively in several oil recovery operations worldwide.

During certified capacity tests, conducted by Bureau Veritas, a recovery rate of 51.2 m³/h (225 gpm) was achieved.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 218920
Length 1800 mm 71 in
Width 1344 mm 53 in
Height 1248 mm 49 in
Weight 230 kg* 507 lbs*
Draft 390 mm 15 in
Capacity 51.2 m³/h** 225 gpm’*
Free water collected <5%
Hydraulic flow (skimmer) 10-15 l/min 2.6-4 gpm
Hydraulic pressure 60-150 bar 870-2175 psi
Power 4.0 kW 5.3 hp


*Excluding pump.
**Capacity and weight related to pump selection.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for recovery of all oil types including weathered crude
  • Enhanced recovery due to brush rotation in both direction
  • Enhanced oil flow due to special design
  • Heated scraper for use in arctic
  • Robust and durable aluminum construction
  • Detachable floats make cleaning and storage easy
  • ASTM connectors in front makes fixing of sweep boom easy
  • Single point lifting

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