Oil Recovery Bucket 250 W

The Oil Recovery Bucket LRB 250 W is ideal for pit cleaning and oil recovery operations on land, offshore and in Arctic conditions. The LRB is based on the proven Lamor stiff-brush wheel technology and it automatically separates oils, emulsions and oily debris from sea water or soils.

The LRB 250 is deployed in a stationery position in skimming operations from a e.g. vessel crane, dredging machine or excavator. The LRB combines the efficient oil recovery function of the brush wheel skimmer with the scraping and digging functions of an excavator scoop. The LRB is Winterized with a heated hopper, scraper and hot water injections.

The LRB system is unaffected by the floating debris and the free water content in recovered oil is less than 2 %. The brush wheel can be lifted with the bucket to scoop and empty heavy oil sludge and other solid materials e.g. ice particles, in offshore operations.

The LRB 250 can be deployed rapidly and operated by a small crew. When the system is not in use, it is stored in its own storage cradle that can be used as a washing basin for cleaning the LRB.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 365226
Length 2480 mm 98 in
Width 2900 mm 114 in
Heigth 1450 mm 57 in
Weight 1600 kg 3527 lbs
Capacity 140 m³/h* 616 gpm*
Free water content <2%
Hydraulic flow 30 l/min** 8 gpm*
Hydraulic pressure 210 bar 3045 psi
Power 15 kW 20 hp


* Capacity related to pump selection
** Skimmer only

Features and Benefits

  • High oil recovery capacity
  • Recovery of light to heavy oils and bitumen
  • Not affected by debris
  • Pump feeding transfer screw
  • Robust steel construction
  • Usage on land, offshore and Arctic conditions
  • Winterized for Arctic operations
  • Certified recovery capacity
  • Single operator

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