Oil Recovery Workboat 15000

The 15 m (49 ft) workboat with built-in oil recovery system (LORS) on both sides is designed for oil and debris recovery in nearshore, harbor and rivers. The LWO 15000 is a multipurpose vessel that can be used for boom deployment, supply and service, patrolling and other related tasks.

The vessel is designed with a covered hull built in steel S 355K2G3 (optional: Aluminum AlMg 4.5) with an even deck. The wheelhouse in the bow has a double compartment layout. The vessel’s frame construction is divided into four separate watertight compartments: engine room, fore peak, tank for recovered oil and void room. The azimuth propulsion system, mounted in the well, gives excellent manoeuverability to the vessel.

The vessel is designed to operate autonomously for 48 hours at cruising speed and it is capable of storing 30m≥ (1060 ft≥) of recovered oil in onboard tanks. Moreover, it can also carry a deck load of 4000kg (8818 lbs) and is equipped with a 4 tonne-meter (4.4 ton-foot) crane, with a lifting capacity of 415 kg (915 lbs) at 7.7 m (25.26 ft).

The hull construction is certified by the Finnish Maritime Administration, based on the Nordic Boat Standard for workboats.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 226507
Length 15000 mm 49 ft
Width 5000 mm 16.4 ft
Draft max 1200 mm 4 ft
Lightweight 18200 kg 40124 lbs
Displacement 58200 kg 128309 lbs
Crew max. 6 pers.
Engine 410 hp
Speed 10 kn

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in oil recovery system with <5 % water content in recovered oil
  • Multipurpose vessel
  • 4 watertight compartments
  • Autonomous 48 h cruising
  • Certified hull
  • Storage capacity or recovered oil 30m³ (1060ft³)
  • Fully equipped wheelhouse

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