Oil Storage Barge

The LSB-series floating tanks are inflatable barges for temporary oil storage during oil spill recovery operations. Lamor offers barges with storage capacity of 10 m³ (353 ft³), 25 m³ (883 ft³) or 50 m³ (1766 ft³). They are durable, long lasting barges manufactured from hypalon neoprene fabric that can be used in extreme climatic conditions and temperatures and moreover, it has exceptional resistance to hydrocarbons.

The design of the barge does not have transoms or rigid stiffeners resulting in excellent flexibility. This design minimizes the possibility of damage to other vessels engaged in pollution control, and also permits minimal volume packaging, while the shape of the lower containment bag ensures easy maneuvering and good handling characteristics.

Inflation and deployment of the barge can be conducted in less than an hour by two persons utilizing e.g. a Lamor air blower. Its bow section with cut-off corners is raised facilitating towing whether the inflatable is empty or fully loaded. Its towing speed is 10 knots when empty and 4.5 knots when loaded. As the barge is filled with recovered oil, the bottom expands forming a pocket. Directional stability during towing operations is provided by the addition of longitudinal keels.

For detailed product information please find PDF-copies of product specification sheets under the Downloadables-section.

Features and Benefits

  • Small footprint while stored
  • Easy and fast to deploy
  • Easy to tow with good stability
  • Strong material withstanding long exposure to hydrocarbons
  • Design without transoms and rigid stiffeners minimizing risk of damaging other equipment used in operations

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