Sweep Skimmer MOS 25

The Lamor and Egersund Group Marine Offshore Sweeper system, MOS, is an innovative, vessel mounted oil spill recovery system that processes whole oil slicks at a time with a 25 m sweeping width. The unique design allows operation in waves up to 3 m and at towing speeds up to 4.5 knots.

A multi-barrier system, the MOS consists of numerous deflectors organized in a herringbone pattern. This creates hydrodynamic currents that concentrate oil into the recovery channel and guide the contained oil to a skimmer and pump in the apex of the sweeper. Water flow is reduced by a bottom net, increasing the concentration of recovered oil before reaching the skimmer inlet.

The MOS can be operated from supply/offshore supply vessels, fishing vessels, coast guard vessels and stand-by vessels. It is rapidly deployed and ready to use in less than 30 minutes ensuring a fast response to emergency incidents. Containerized systems are available for easy transportation and protected storage. The system has enhanced maneuverability and wave conforming characteristics compared to other conventional booms, and is very cost effective in contrast to systems that need two boats to function.

The MOS Sweeper, when combined with an additional skimmer, pump and ParaVane, is a complete single vessel oil containment and recovery system that can chase, collect, skim and pump oil. There are several systems options, including a brush skimmer addition and a variety of pumps to select from that can be equipped to the Sweeper system.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 397440
Sweeping Width 25 m 82 ft
Length 50 m 164 ft
Weight 1400 kg 3090 lbs
Skimming Speed 2,3 m/s 4,5 knots
Oil Encouter Rate (in 1mm oil layer) 208 m³/h 916 gpm
Wave Heights 0-3 m 0-10 ft
Optional Skimmer* Various Options
Optional pump* 115-280 m³/h 506-1233 gpm
Optional Paravane* 25/50
Optional Reel* H 2240 or U 2340
Optional Collector Pool* MOS 25


*All optional equipment at additional cost.

Features and Benefits

  • Single vessel advancing system
  • Operational speed of 4.5 knots
  • Large sweeping width
  • Rapid deployment
  • Recovers all types of oil
  • Modular system
  • Nearshore & offshore
  • Wave conforming properties

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