Umbilical Hose Reel Telescopic LUT 50/5″/20ft

The Umbilical Hose Reel Telescopic LUT 50/5″/20ft is an advanced and robust hose reel designed for the Lamor Umbilical Hose (LUH) with an integrated telescopic lifting arm for deployment, operational use and retrieval of Lamor offshore skimmers with umbilical hoses. The LUT Telescopic 50/5″can fit 50 m (164 ft) of umbilical hose that includes hydraulic hoses and 5″ oil transfer hose needed to operate a Lamor offshore skimmer. The LUT system is designed to be used in harsh climates, offshore and Arctic conditions operated from a vessel or barge.

The durable steel structure of the LUT is marine grade painted and consists of a base, reel drum and telescopic arm (crane) on a skid. The reel and telescopic arm construction can rotate 360 degrees and has a max. reach of 5.5 m (18 ft) and a max. lifting angle of 38 degrees with 1500 kg (3307 lbs) of lifting capacity. A guiding roller is fitted on the outer end of the arm to facilitate deployment and retrieval. All functions are hydraulically operated and can be controlled via the control panel or optional remote control (not incl.).

The unit is fitted on a 20 ft skid with a cradle for the skimmer and container corners for secure fixing. The skimmer oil transfer and hydraulic lines are connected to a manifold at the hub of the reel with pump- through swivel joint to allow continuous flow at any deployed length. The unit is also available in an EX- version.

Technical Specifications

Item ID 395323
Length 6052 mm 238 in
Width 2437 mm 96 in
Height 3071 mm 121 in
Weight 7520 kg* 15985 lbs*
Max reach/angle 5.5 m/38° 18 ft/38°
Max lift (max reach) 1500 kg 3307 lbs
Umbilical hose length 50m (5 in)* 164 ft (5 in)*
Footprint 20 ft
Hydraulic Flow 130 l/min 34 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure 210 bar 3000 psi


Please note that product configurations may impact on final technical specifications.

*Please note that the umbilical hose is not included in the Lamor Umbilical Hose Reel product. For reference, weight of LUH 50/5” is 1700 kg / 3750 lb

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for Lamor Umbilical hose LUH (50m 5”) and lifting of Lamor offshore skimmers (LFF100 and LWS 1300)
  • Integrated telescopic lifting arm
  • 1500 kg at max 5,5m and 38 degrees angle
  • Durable steel structure
  • Compact design
  • Reel can rotate 360 degrees
  • 20ft skid with skimmer cradle
  • Container corners for safe and easy fixing

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